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                              Developing History
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                              ? 1997.11       Establish "Xiamen One Magnet Electronic Co., Ltd." (a trading company).
                              ? 1997-2003. Supplied Ferrite & NdFeB magnets for several earphones and other Electro-acoustic factories located in Xiamen.
                              ? 2003. 3.       Established Suzhou One Magnet Electronic Co., Ltd. to serve the customers located in Shanghai and Yangtze River Delta.
                              ? 2003. 12.     Established its own factory----Anhui One Magnet Electronic Co.,Ltd.

                              ? 2004-2006. Set up three production lines of Ferrite magnet gradually.
                                                    Increased the annual output quantity from 2000 tons to 8000 tons.?
                                                    Enhanced the annual output value from RMB12 million to RMB50 million.


                              ? 2006.1.       Established Dongguan One Magnet Electronic Co., Ltd. to serve the customers located in the Pearl River Delta.
                              ? 2006.7.       Put the production line of NdFeB magnet into operation.
                              ? 2006-2011. Invested RMB 80 million to the NdFeB production line: Blank processing, Machining processing, Plating procession.
                                                    Increased the annual output value from RMB 30 million to RMB 300 million.
                              ? 2010.1.       Established Qingdao One Magnet Electronic Co., Ltd. in 2010 to serve such Korean companies.
                              ? 2012-2013. Greatly improved the production capacity and quality management capacity on NdFeB magnet:
                                                    Blank Making Process: to introduce such advanced production equipments as Strip Casting Furnace
                                                                                         Hydrogen Crushing Furnace and testing equipments as ICP Analyzer
                                                                                         Laser Granulometry, Hydrogen & Oxygen Content Analyzer
                                                    Machining Process: to buy some new cutting, drilling equipment
                                                    Plating Process: to introduce the automatic plating equipment
                              ? 2014-2016. Remarkably improved the capacity of manufacturing magnets for motors:
                                                    Grade 40EH, 45UH, 50SH, 52H are available.
                                                    Special shaped magnets could be produced.
                              ? 2017.         Start to build the production line for segment ferrite magnets:
                                                   Area: 46 thousand Sq. m

                                                   Process: begin construction in October 2017 and put partial production lines into operation in August 2018.
                                                   Investment: RMB 60 million for the first phase( 100 million in total).
                                                   Capacity: 3000 tons’ annual production capacity (for the first phase).

                              ? 2018.        Put into production for Segment Ferrite Magnets in August 2018